Fredrika is a Writer, Poet, Author by profession

She has 4 books published to her credit & has 4 yet to be published.


Salil is a Writer by profession.

The following are his achievements:

  • Represented India for Wheelchair Tennis in Australia and Japan
  • The only disabled person to have sailed from Mumbai to Goa (to draw attention to the issue of Equal Access, in 2009)
  • Asia Region winner of Commonwealth Short Story Competition, 2008
  • Winner of Unisun/British Council Short Story Competition 2007
  • Short-listed for Raedleaf Haiku Competition 2014
  • Awarded 'Indian Idol' in 2012 by IBN7
  • Acted in Galli Galli Sim Sim (The Indian version of Sesame Street) for 5 seasons


Anuraag is Creative Head at an advertising agency. He is known for his art direction and has won national and international awards for his work. He is the brain behind the BJP election ad campaign and has also launched big brands in India. He likes to write, travel, swim and is a Rubik's cube enthusiast.





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The Red Ramp Project is a small step by H & R Johnson that aims to create a shift in people's thinking, and maybe in the priorities of some policy-makers too. India has over 10 million physically-challenged people - those who move about in wheelchairs or on crutches. Most live normal lives, except when it comes to accessing basic public spaces such as office buildings, railway stations, beaches, airports, malls, cinema halls, parks, religious spaces like temples, churches, mosques, gurudwaras etc. – every place the rest of us take for granted. It is a worrying fact that only 5% of India is disable-friendly.

Johnson Tiles is attempting to bring a mindset as well as a behavioural change to address this very basic need. While this film focuses on three independent individuals with varying physical challenges, it is indicative of the bigger issue. With this attempt, we would want this topic to become a point of discussion amongst the people of India.

We intend to now share this on social media. With the hope that someone somewhere will begin to look at the physically-challenged a little differently. Some will think, “Hey, I know somebody who could help here!” and share the video with that person. This way we could possibly reach a policy-maker who can influence the government and begin the journey towards an access-friendly India.

This is not a chest-thumping call for action by a well meaning company. This is hopefully the nudge required to set off a movement that will benefit a significant part of our society. We believe that every individual we connect with can make a change in however small a capacity, starting by looking at the environment around them with sensitised eyes. If we even get a few people to think, “This place must be tough to access for a physically-challenged person", the change has begun. We need your help. We just cannot do it alone.




The geo-tagging facility would help us to get your suggestions about the likely places where access to physically challenged people is difficult or not there. It will be applicable within India excluding the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The actual activity of building a Ramp or an Access facility can involve several technical, environmental or regulatory issues. The final decision of building a ramp will be at the sole discretion of H&R Johnson.

Do you feel our cities ought to be more disabled friendly? Have you spotted public areas that are inaccessible to people using wheel chairs or crutches? You can do your bit to make a difference and all it takes is one click.

Tag a location that you feel needs to be made more accessible. The Red Ramp Project will gauge the feasibility and coordinate with the local ward to get a ramp made.

Follow these simple steps to start tagging a location or support an existing tagged location
Identify a
location that
needs a ramp
Double click
to tag the location
on the map below
& key in
your reasons.
an existing tagged
location by clicking
on the ‘Like’ button
on the map below.

Follow the campaign on

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