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H&R Johnson has taken another step to make India more accessible to over 15 million Indians who are blind. It is noteworthy that of the 37 million blind people across the globe, 15 million are from India. By using tactiles on roads, footpaths, railway stations and various other public spaces, we can help millions of blind people navigate easily, safely, and confidently.

Tac tiles are used the world over to help the visually impaired. The latest campaign is aimed at making tactiles as prevalent in India as well. To take this initiative to the masses and increase the reach of the Red Ramp Project, Johnson roped in their brand ambassador Katrina Kaif as the Goodwill Ambassador. Besides supporting the cause and being involved in the journey of the film, titled 'Altaf Bakery', she also urges the common man and the government to collaborate in making India more accessible to the visually challenged.

'Altaf Bakery' mirrors a blind man's everyday struggle and his subsequent victory. It throws light on an issue that we rarely pause to think about.

Tactiles (also called truncated domes, detectable warnings, Tactile ground surface indicators, detectable warning surfaces) are unique non-fade, non-slip ground surface indicators. These indicators provide cues, which combined with other environmental information, assist visually challenged people with their orientation.

Tactile warnings provide a distinctive surface pattern of "truncated domes" (which are small domes that have had their tops cut off, or truncated) or "truncated bars" detectable by long cane or underfoot which are used to alert visually challenged people of their approach to streets and hazardous drop-offs - thereby alerting them of impending danger from oncoming vehicles or a change in path gradient .

Tactile ground surface indicators are an important and mandatory design element in all modern construction and public infrastructure projects. The Johnson Endura Hi-Traffic Tactile collection has been designed with emphasis on reliability, safety, dignity and independence for visually challenged people.

Product highlights
  • Specially designed to assist the visually impaired navigate independently
  • Use of special textures to indicate areas of risk
  • Corundum finish for enhanced hardness and slip resistance
  • Low water absorption & high stain resistance
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Vitrified porcelain body suitable for interior and exterior applications
  • Design in conformance with RNIB (UK), DETR (UK) & ADA (USA)
  • Ideal for public spaces like Railway stations, bus stops, footpaths,
  • airports, signal crossings, housing projects & townships & commercial facilities
  • Johnson
1 tac button 1 tac button 30 x 30 cm
15 mm thick
1 tac liner 1 tac liner


Adwait Marathe, in spite of being blind since birth, has fought against all odds and lived a life he wanted. Adwait is an extremely talented musician and actor.

When H & R Johnson approached him, he was more than delighted to be a part of this initiative that will help visually challenged people like him to lead a simple and an access friendly world independently.

With this film he hopes that the world will come forward and help make public places accessible for the differently abled and the visually challenged in India.


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Anjlee Agarwal is accessibility consultant, researcher and author, well-known in Asia Pacific. She is co-founder Samarthyam, disabled persons organization founded in 1994. As a woman with disability herself, she believes in active advocacy and has brought policy level changes to make Incredible India = Inclusive India. She is regularly nominated by the Government of India as a subject expert to advice on program and policies relating to universal accessibility.



The geo-tagging facility would help us to get your suggestions about the likely places where access to physically challenged people is difficult or not there. It will be applicable within India excluding the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The actual activity of building a Ramp or an Access facility can involve several technical, environmental or regulatory issues. The final decision of building a ramp will be at the sole discretion of H&R Johnson.


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